Ginseng Sex Benefits 5 Things You Must Know



5 Things you must know before you take Ginseng as sex tonic


Missing Diagnosis:

One may neglect or delay identifying and treating the CAUSE  of Erectile Dysfunction in thewrong belief that Ginseng is taking care of the underlying cause of the erection problem.


Is it genuine Ginseng?

The bottle or package that is sold may not contain Ginseng at all, or may contain Ginseng in doses lower than indicated on the label.The Ginseng supplement you buy may contain adulterants.

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In a 2013 study, a test of 44 samples found that fewer than half the herbal supplements tested contained any of the herb that was listed on the label. More than half the samples contained compounds that were not on the label.

All Ginseng extracts are not identical.  Asian ginseng and American Ginseng are different. 

Ginseng is not sold as medicine to prevent or cure sex problem. Ginseng is sold as dietary supplement.  Hence, rigorous FDA checking for quality and efficacy are lacking.

Those who take Ginseng take it on their own risk.


Ginseng has not yet been proven to benefit sexual function.

Scientific Research studies using the extract of  dried roots of Ginseng herb have not been definitively proven to enhance sexual function .


Side effects of Ginseng

Is Ginseng totally safe?

Large doses may cause side effects.  Ginseng may also affectpharmacological dynamics of other medicines.


Is Ginseng the right treatment for you

What is your sex problem?

Who should take Ginseng?

Who should not take Ginseng extracts as dietary supplements?



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