Medical Jargon Funny

Funny Medical Jargon

itch is called —Allergic dermatitis type A,

loose motionsRotavirus infection and

common coldAcute rhino pharyngitis

it not only sounds impressive, but I get paid leave from office. It is a respectable way to bunk my school.

In fact I believe medical jargon is an art. The doctor sounds erudite, gets fees and the patient has a glow of satisfaction.

The research scholars who publish papers out do one another in pouring the trivial as though it was a breakthrough research paper.

A careful analysis of available data means three pages of notes were obliterated when I spilled coffee.

image funny medial jargon what doctors research scholoars say and what it acutally means
Medical Research Jargon Funny Fooling with Fake Erudition

More Interesting: Funny Medical Jargons

One doctor who scribbled – TTFO – translated as “Told To Fxxk Off” – on patient’s prescription paper got in a tight spot.

This doctor was asked by the judge what the acronym TTFOmeant, and luckily for him he had the presence of mind to say: ‘To take fluids orally’.”

UBI is unexplained beer injury Rear Admiral is a proctologist
FLK is a funny looking kid

Faecal Encephalopathy means shit headed.

Some doctors swear and admit a patient to ICU (Intensive Care Unit) – I’ll See You. After fleecing the patient goes to ECU – Eternal Care Unit (Heaven).

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