We give our lives in your hands. Let the hands be clean, sinless.


Letter to the modern doctor

Letter by we the people to today’s doctors

Letter to medical professionals, hospitals, healers

Doctor – Ethics

earnestly urging to uphold the highest standard of noble profession. Be kind.
Pictures depicting quotes for the modern doctors, hospitals, medical health care professionals by we the people

We give our lives in your hands. Let the hands be clean, sinless.

Don’t abuse us or prey upon us when we are in grave difficulty for then we look upon you as the most trusted person.
Money you get provides for your needs. Blessings you get provides for you enduring happiness, which no money can buy.

Name: Ashok Koparday

Consultant in Sexual Medicine and Marriage Counselor

Medical Director

Premier World Class


A1, Namdeep, Barrister Nath Pai Road,
Near Vikrant Circle, Barrister Nath Pai Nagar,
Ghatkopar (East),Mumbai
400077 INDIA.

Mobile: +91 9867788877

Telephone: 022 25060061

Be with the Best: Sexologist Mumbai Dr. Ashok Koparday

डॅाक्टर अशोक कोपर्डे
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Date last updated: November 24, 2016

SAMADHAN HEALTH STUDIO, Mumbai, Center of Excellence

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Free helpline on internet Sexual Health
Dr. Ashok Koparday Medical Director
Premier World Class Best Treatment Sex Problems Samadhan India
(Photo credit: Wikipedia. Thanks to US Navy 070718-N-6410J-018
Project Hope volunteer Diana Bennett checks
the heart beat of a Vietnamese patient during a medical civil
action program in support of Pacific Partnership 2007)
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