Loving the People in Your Life


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All the kindly, thoughtful, interesting, stimulating and loving people you find around you ought to cause you to be overcome with gratitude, elation and pleasure that you should be so lucky to have such wonderful influences in your life.  If you find that there aren’t any, or very many people in your life who fit that description, then, 1) you are selecting the wrong people to spend time with or, 2) you are looking at the people you know with the wrong emphasis. 

Most folks have something good, beautiful, special, admirable, excellent, amazing, fabulous, nice, first-rate, etc., etc. about them.  Your life will be better if that fact is where you place your focus as you relate to each of the people you encounter from moment to moment, day to day.  It seems reasonable to presume that most of us would opt for ways to make our lives better.  If that is true…

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