5 main reasons why people want to increase the size of penis.

1. Self doubt: Penis is the only external organ that keeps changing its size and shape (unlike your finger, nose or ear.)
2. Incorrect knowledge: What size is normal and what size is small.
3. Manliness: Bigger penis size more masculinity
4. Bigger is better: (Wrong) belief that bigger penis gives greater satisfaction to women.

5. Pornography XXX: Misleading by pornography, quacks and advertisements.

1. Self doubt Penis size increases decreases

looks like child’s size penis

The only external organ that frequently and dramatically keeps on changing in size and shape is the penis. All other parts, the hands and legs, nose and ears don’t change in size this way.

Why penis size changes

Penis size is significantly influenced by temperature. On a hot sunny day in summer the penis is relatively longer and the scrotum hangs down like a loose bag of testicles. If you take cold water bath in winter you will find the same penis shrinks to become very tiny as though hidden. The scrotum also becomes smaller. This is nature’s mechanism to ensure constant temperature. The dartos muscles pull the testicles up so that they can receive warmth from the body.

Fat people & penis size
If you are fat, penis gets buried in the pubic fat and looks tiny. When staring down over a big belly, penis is barely visible.

Angle of vision – penis size

Angle of vision is different when you see penis of a person who is standing in front of you from the angle when you look straight down at your penis. When objectively measured by third person penis are same size, but the perception is distorted due to angle of vision and one’s own penis appears shorter than that of the guy standing in front of you.
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