III My penis size is small: wrong notion because of wrong education

The child/teenager gets sex education from the powerful audio visual source of porn videos. Nowhere is sex education given with REAL educational videos. (There are exceptions and I salute those educational units.).

I don’t plead to a surgeon, “Doctor, give me medicines to increase the size of my little finger.”
I have no doubt about size of my little finger because I can see the size of finger of any/every person.
I don’t get to see the size of penis of other people. What will happen when source of your knowledge is fantasy, porn picture, porn stories.

Why intelligent people want to increase the size of penis

1. Self doubt: Penis is the only external organ that keeps changing its size and shape (unlike your finger, nose or ear.)
2. Incorrect knowledge: What size is normal and what size is small.
3. Manliness: Bigger penis size more masculinity
4. Bigger is better: (Wrong) belief that bigger penis gives greater satisfaction to women.

5. Pornography XXX: Misleading by pornography, quacks and advertisements.


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