Increase penis size for manliness

Masculinity: Power of big hard on

Male psyche genetically for generations is wired to associate bigger size penis with ‘manliness’, ‘macho’, ‘capacity to satisfy a woman’, ‘masculine power’. Hence, all over the world guys get distressed if they believe (usually wrongly) their penis is small in size.

This distress is genuine. However, the cause of the distress lies in incorrect information.

There is hardly any boy/man on earth who given a safe choice would not like to have a bigger penis.

5 main reasons why people want to increase the size of penis.

1. Self doubt: Penis is the only external organ that keeps changing its size and shape (unlike your finger, nose or ear.)
2. Incorrect knowledge: What size is normal and what size is small.
3. Manliness: Bigger penis size more masculinity
4. Bigger is better: (Wrong) belief that bigger penis gives greater satisfaction to women.

5. Pornography XXX: Misleading by pornography, quacks and advertisements.

Increase penis size: Manliness Macho

Your penis may be good at its function.
Penis is useful for two purposes

  • 1. Passing urine in flaccid state
  • 2. Sexual intercourse
  • Sexual intercourse has two functions

    1. pleasure
    2. and progeny

It is not enough if penis does its functions very well

  1. penis as a tube to pass urine
  2. penis is as one of the means of giving and receiving sexual gratification and
  3. penis acts as a dropper of semen.

Penis is not gaged just by its utility or function.
Big size penis is indeed a matter of pride for the owner.


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