Finding Happiness.

Mankind has been in search of happiness, will continue to search happiness in and through whatever deeds s/he does.

One path lead by senses goes to sensual satisfaction.  [In Sanskrit language it is called “Preya marg“, meaning path of pleasure ]

Another path lead by soul goes to blissfull completion. [In Sanskrit language it is dwelt deeply and goes by the name “Shreya marg“. Marg is path. Shreya is the highest. ]

Each one of us is on a journey. We have been walking since eternity. Time for waking. Choose your path. Shreya or Preya (Can never be both).

Below are musings of friend restlessroadie.

Charlie California grew up in Chicago, IL and currently lives amongst the vineyards of Northern California.

“A woman has but two loves in life: the one who broke her heart and the one she spends the rest of her life with.”

Let me say this: I believe there are two paths you can take in life. Some think they are only separated by what is easy and what is hard. I think, no matter what, life will be hard on us. The decisions we make lead us down one of our two paths, at any moment clearing a way for us to see past the one we walk on to the one we only dare to acknowledge when the breeze changes course and sends cooler weather our way. But the fact remains, at any point in time we have the ability to follow the wind and let it lead us in a new direction, down a new path, set for us with only one idea in mind: Finding Happiness.


Retrieved: 08 December 2012

Dedicated to the boundless spirit of

Charlie California, who grew up in Chicago, IL and currently lives amongst the vineyards of Northern California.

Path t
Path t

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