What happen if you take out more liquid from penis?

The liquid that comes out of penis is
1 Urine
2 Precum – Secretions of bulb urethral glands (Cowper’s gland) released during phase of sexual excitement. It helps lubrication.
3 Semen.
You probably mean, “What happens if more semen is taken out?”
Taking out semen happens by any of the three methods:
1) Sexual intercourse
2) Masturbation
3) Nocturnal discharge, night fall, wet dreams
Most people wrongly believe that removal of lot of semen causes harmful effects, such as weakness.
Medical science affirms that no matter how early you begin taking out semen, how often you do it there is no harmful effect to the body whatsoever.
The testis, but mainly the seminal vesicles, makes the fluid called semen that spurts during ejaculation. The male reproductive system has abundance in terms of sperms and semen. Semen is manufactured nonstop every day and is produced even in a male who has reached ripe old age of 77 years. Stock or quantity of semen does not dry up and get exhausted. Semen is continuously produced just and does not dry up just as a well in rainy season is full of water no matter how many buckets of water are removed.
I must admit that a popularmyth that persists even in this century in most people, including the educated, is that semen is something precious and losing semen brings weakness and other harmful effects. The list of harmful effects due to loss of semen that people wrongly believe is endless; it can fill a book.


7 thoughts on “consequences-of-semen-loss”

  1. This doctor is an idiot with a degree in medicine(suprisingly!). @Ashok Koparady, better know the facts and research the topic before spitting out your half-knowledge. Semen is indeed very precious and wasting it is equal to death. Dr. Agnihotri and others are right on this.

  2. loss of semen unnecesarily has it negativities,loss of reputation for people with integrity,
    loss of the sense of innocence,
    low self esteem
    ,misuse of God’s free gift,pleasure addiction,unfaithfullness to patner,emotional imbalance,moral decay,guilty conscience,etc

  3. i challenge you doc on this.i am in aiims and did my sexologist course (md eqvt) from harvard. the only evidence upon which doctors world over are barking that masturbation or excessive semen loss does not cause anything is based upon manipulated kellogg and kinsey reports that were published half a century ago. porn is a billion dollar industry and sex a basic animal dont see any neede i dont see any fact that the billionaires would want to roll up their businessess.strictly speaking,semen is the essence of energy in the lose it only when you have no energy requirements and fail to expend it.then only it is lost involuntarily.loss has so many side effects that many books can be written on it.happeah effect,soviocal fluid loss leading to early onset of arthritis,weakneaaof will,brain and endocrine imbalanceweakinng and irregular deposition of collagen and various sorts of integumentary diseases. bone softening ,anaemia and blood pressure variations.irrhythmia,mental confusion.
    and all you doc s who are selling this free advice and minting money in their private clinics by duping patients,you will have to pay the price one day.uderstood it mister.jholachaap

      1. I have not found evidence that semen is the essence of energy in the body.
        The confusion stems from meanings of words dhatu, veerya, shukra and what is advocated to brahmachari

        Of the seven basic elements of the human body, the seventh, shukradhatu encompasses not only semen, but much more.
        Ayurved defines the seventh element as the sukra dhatu. The term Shukra dhatu is not restricted to semen alone. Shukradhatu denotes essential reproductive elements of both male and female.

        Thus shukradhatu is a word, which is also used for the ovulatory function. Artav is another term used for the ovum.

        Apart from the seven dhatus, there is the eighth dhatu ojas,
        Ojas Mahadhatu
        The eighth element described in Ayurved is Ojas. .
        Sublimation of sexual desires (not suppression) transforms shukra dhatu to Ojas, the eighth dhatu, which nourishes all the other dhatus.

        Virya as used in Rigved, means heroism, strength, valor, even fertility.
        Virya is not semen
        You may refer to the links given below.

        ( )
        • 1 Vedic literature
        o 1.1 RV, Mandala 1, Hymn 32, v. 1
        o 1.2 RV, Mandala 1, Hymn 103, vv. 5-7
        • 2 See also

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