What could cause delayed ejaculation in an otherwise healthy male causing him to require intense stimulation before reaching orgasm?

Delayed ejaculation, also called as retarded ejaculation, ejaculatory incompetence, inhibited orgasm, and male orgasmic disorder is uncommon condition.

Health care professionals say delayed ejaculation could be because of any of the following causes, or all of them together or none of them.

CAUSES where ejaculation is delayed while doing sexual intercourse.
1) Rigid, orthodox upbringing,
2) Performance anxiety in newly wed. “What will she say if I do not _ _? “It is like appearing for exams.
3) Lack of confidence.
4) New partner, who could be perceived as intimidating. “I got to prove it.”
5) Unrealistic Expectations from oneself.
6) Past experience with someone else.
7) Childhood is dominated by ‘mother’.

These are healthy men who ejaculate normally when they masturbate.

CAUSES of delayed ejaculation ONLY during Sexual Intercourse and not during Masturbation.
Masturbation is done ‘alone’ in privacy. Sexual intercourse is in the presence of ‘someone else’. There is performance stress

Masturbation allows for fantasy that is most vulgar. The guy may avoid this ‘fantasy’, which he is used to for years. He may think, “How can I betray my partner by entertaining those (fantasy) thoughts?”

Habit of masturbatory has conditioned the guy for a particular form of physical friction that may be intense. Same does not happen during sexual intercourse. This is another cause why intense stimulation is required for orgasm. Often this too does not work.

Though the person appears normal Sex Therapist will check for the following causes.

1) Medications, such as Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors, that is SSRI. Prozac(TM) (Fluoxetine) is one example of SSRI. It is very popular and on any one day several million people consume Prozac (TM).
2) Excessive use of Alcohol and use of illicit drugs.
3) Trauma to the pelvic nerve
4) Diseases that affect spinal cord.
5) Major Clinical Depression with or without Anxiety

CAUSES where ejaculation is delayed even during masturbation

In an otherwise healthy male besides any one of the above or all of them there is one more cause that requires intense stimulation to reach orgasm.
If the person has been masturbating successively one after the other in a day and too frequently in a week for a long time and has seen almost all pornography materials, then his excitement threshold is high.

CAUSES that are not to be overlooked.
1) Aging
2) Bereavement due to loss of dear partner can delay ejaculation.
3) Atherosclerosis affects the blood vessels of penis.
4) Microangiopathy. Damage to small microscopic blood vessels.
5) Neuropathy. Nerve damage. Beginning of autonomic nerve damage due to onset of underlying disease process such as hypertension, Diabetes Mellitus Type II.

These are the causes of delayed ejaculation requiring intense stimulation to orgasm in male who appears healthy.


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