sex sells

How to be SAFE when buying sex medicines?

Five roads to hell

1. You ask for a sex medicine to a chemist. You trust him and slyly buy telling yourself that you will just try and see.

2. Your friend tells you he has benefited by a sex medicine. “Its really good”, he says and you can’t resist the temptation to try it out.

3. You daily see big, prominent, advertisement hoardings of Sexologist’s displayed prominently on every railway stations, (actually even on small stations where only the passenger train halts) as well as sexologist’s posters inside railway compartments. You also see advertisements of sex doctors pasted on the public lavatory.

4. You get emails, which tell about sex medicines.

5. Television promotional advertisements


A] If the chemist surreptitiously gives medicines like Viagra ? without a doctor’s prescription, remember the risk is to your life not to his. Sildenafil = Viagra ? was introduced initially for heart ailment. When taken with nitrates it causes lethal fall in blood pressure. You are no more alive to do sex.

SOLUTION: Your doctor, family doctor or cardiologist or endocrinologist from whom you are taking treatment will be able to tell the right medicine for you. You have every right to talk to your doctor. The professional doctor doesn’t and is not supposed to divulge any secret.

B] Don’t be fooled by the label “Ayurvedic medicine”

Medicines given under the garb of ‘Ayurvedic’ often contain the same allopathic medicine though packed and advertised as ayurvedic medicine. It is easy to market a medicine as ‘Ayurvedic’ since F & D laws are less stringent compared to allopathic medicines. Also, there is a Widely Prevalent Myth that ‘Ayurvedic’ medicines are always safe and have no side effects. If Ayurvedic Medicines were safe, with no side effects, why would we require a medical degree in Ayurveda. Just walk to a chemist and buy some thing yourself. Doesn’t work! Go buy some thing else. Why would you require medical schools teaching ayurveda or homeopathy?

Ayurvedacharyas that is Vaidyas or doctors qualified in the Ayurveda system of diagnosis and treatment know that wrongly chosen medicine could be truly harmful. Medicines, be it ayurvedic or homeopathic or allopathic, can be hazardous when taken without consulting the doctor who spends nearly 5 years studying the system and has several years of experience. Every individual needs to be examined for his constitution: vat, pitta, cough and cleansing ‘pancha karma’ may have to be done before instituting any treatment. The science of Ayurveda prescribes definite methods of preparation (example: bhasma), strength of the product (matra) and methods of storage and consumption by the sick, which are, overlooked in proprietary, on the counter, Ayurveda medicines. Medicines, which contain for example, shilajeet when consumed for sufficient duration, unsupervised by a Vaidya can damage kidneys. Ayurveda is an ancient systematic science of medicine and if one chooses to take Ayurveda medicine:

SOLUTION: Visit a qualified practitioner of Ayurveda.

Mumbai has two reputed Ayurvedic medical colleges with hospitals. Treatment can be sought from these hospitals where Ayurveda is taught.


Be wary. In sexual matters friends can be braggarts. What is medicine for one can be poison for other. Medicines like Viagra ? are not recreational medicines.

AVOID going to any doctor whose advertisement you see whether on railway stations or in newspapers.
Why AVOID doctor’s who advertise?

Qualified doctors never advertise, be it railway stations or newspapers. Have you ever seen advertisement on any railway station of a qualified heart specialist whose hospital is in your neighborhood?
Those who advertise on railway stations spend lakhs of rupees per day over advertisements. Unfortunately, no body files complaints against them. Even if a complaint is filed they don’t fear loosing their degree because they don’t have one. These people who rob in broad daylight under the guise of a doctor are called as quacks.
Remember: Nowhere! Nowhere will you see boards or hoardings advertised by qualified doctor. The qualified doctor has just a board outside the clinic, which tells about the doctor, his qualifications, his specialty and the facilities provided. Exception: Recently Yellow Pages print information of qualified doctors.
What would happen if you go to a doctor by seeing their advertisements?
You loose not only your money, but also your health and most important you loose trust. You are shattered. You think your case is hopeless. You feel doomed.
SOLUTION: Visit your family doctor. Don’t be ashamed. It is not a sin to have sexual problem. If you haven’t come across a sexual health expert who specializes and practices exclusively in this field of medicine, you may visit any qualified doctor who will be able to guide you to a doctor who specializes in the field of sexual medicine. Family Planning Association of India having branches all over India usually has a sexual health expert on the panel.


Emails telling you about sex medicines are to be deleted.
How will you know they are a cheat?
The ad usually has the following language.
“Amazing Results” – The only results that are amazing are the profits the seller makes by deception.
“Clinically proven” – If it were truly clinically proven, you would be able to get a prescription for it from your family doctor or buy it at your drug store.
“Money Back Guarantee” – Yes, they might refund your money, but you still have to pay shipping and handling charges. They make profit on the “handling charges”. Even if every single item gets returned, the seller still comes out on top.
“Guaranteed to Work” – And if it doesn’t work, are you going to take them to court and prove to a jury that your penis is the same size as before?
“Add Inches Now” – Even if it did work (which it doesn’t), you can’t get magic results right “now”.
“Safe and Effective” – It may be safe or it may actually not be safe. Any government or independent agency does not regulate penis enlargement techniques.
“Results May vary” – OK, give them some credit for being ? honest. But this line should read “Results May Not Occur”.
“All Natural or Herbal” – That’s real nice — a nice way of saying: “This really won’t work”.
“100%… – Nothing is ever one hundred percent. Any legitimate advertiser would not open them up to liability like this.
“Other Products are Scams!” – Yes, they are, and so is this one, that one, and the next one.
“Fast / Quick Results” – You can’t make any part of your body grow fast. The penis is no exception.

“Read these Testimonials” – Actually, freelance writers sometimes work for pennies per word. It doesn’t cost much to hire a writer. It’s even cheaper for the seller to sit down and write a few fake testimonials himself.

“Before and After” – Computers can make any picture look bigger, longer, or thicker.
Here is a sample email that landed in my inbox.

Viagra 100mg x 90 pills $1.78 per pill price   Spam

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Sep 5


date    Sep 5, 2007 2:37 PM
subject Viagra 100mg x 90 pills $1.78 per pill price
Viagra 100mg x 90 pills US $ 1.78 Per Pill buy now


Medicines or treatments cannot legally be advertised on Television. An ad showing ‘before and after’ and narrating stories of satisfied customers is beneficial for those doing this business not for patients or their customers.
Solution: Don’t hesitate to go to your nearby qualified medical doctor. Health, even if it is Sexual Health is not to be risked in the hands of a quack. Such medicines may harm you so that you may be worse than what you were before taking it.
Dr. Ashok Koparday

Medical Director

Center for Therapy, Education and Research in Sex, Marriage, Relationships.


2 thoughts on “sex sells”

  1. Hi,
    You are 44 years with 2 kids. You haven’t ever experienced pleasure during sex.

    You will certainly benefit by visiting an experienced Sex Counselor/Therapist. You will begin to enjoy sex.

    Here I will give few common causes of failing to experience sexual pleasure.
    1. Your first introduction to sex or first sex was painful.
    In India arranged marriage is the norm. Many times the girl meets the boy for the first time during wedding. The boy and the girl have never met before.
    The knowledge a girl has about sex is what she hears from elders.

    Usually (mostly all) girls believe, “Sex is painful and there is bleeding. Gradually the pain diminishes”.

    In anticipation of pain the vaginal opening contracts and closes. This is called “vaginismus”. See the beautiful animated picture of vaginismus at
    During penetration (I prefer the word Insertion) when the penis is forcefully thrusted inside it causes some tear and bleeding and much pain. So those who have told you that sex is painful are not lying. They have experienced pain due to the mechanism just explained and you too become victim and experience pain. Often this leaves a permanent mark in memory such that brain says sex = pain. This woman is doomed to never experiencing pleasure. She endures pain because she is taught not to refuse sex to her husband.
    Boys often (almost always) have the wrong belief that in first sex on first night with wife, called SUHAGRAAT in India, they must achieve sexual penetration (see how harsh the word ‘penetration’ sounds. So I prefer the word ‘Insertion’). They would feel terribly embarrassed and consider themselves failure if they don’t accomplish penetration.
    All this combines and a girl who is shy, who has met the boy for the first time experiences pain, which leaves mark that sex = pain on her brain.
    2. Resentment towards partner.
    Many a husbands use sex with wife as a sleeping pill. They are not good lovers. They may incessantly nag the wife and blame her for anything and everything. Husband is the macho boss of the family and he believes that a woman has always to be kept under control.
    The marriage is against her will. There may be quarrels amongst in-laws resulting in bitterness and ranchor, which can last for entrie life time. Society doesn’t permit ‘divorce’ so she is relegated to loveless life harboring hostility.

    3. Too stressed out and drained.
    Often as soon as the couple gets married there is pregnancy. She has to care 24 x 7 for the new born as well as fulfill expectations of not only the husband, but also his parents and sisters/brothers. Staying in joint family can sap one’s energy. Most girls have iron deficiency anemia, which goes undetected and untreated. She is in no mood for sex, yet has to comply to the sexual demands of the husband.

    This is not an exhaustive list including all causes of sex without pleasure. I have enumerated few common causes.

    In counseling Sex Therapist identifies the cause addresses it and a woman who never experienced pleasure during sex begins enjoying sexual bliss.

  2. iam 44 years old. Teacher.Mariied with 2 kids. since married i have no feeilngs during intercourse. i have tried many madication but failed. i want feel how nice is sex feelings before i die.Please advise. TQ

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