The Peacock Syndrome – penis size matters


Male homosapien all over the planet are obsessed by the size of their penis.

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Among all the sense organs, that is, the five organs of action and the five sense organs penis is the only organ that increases and decreases in size and stiffness. A person’s nose or ear do not increase or decrease in size daily. Even when the penis is not tumescent, that is in a normal state when the penis is not erect, the male compare and often end up dejected that their penis does not measure up to the size.

Dr. Ashok Koparday, a practicing Consultant in Sexual Medicine, calls it the ‘P-cock’ syndrome.

The male almost struts with pride assuming that the size of penis is of paramount importance to attract and satisfy the female of the species, not knowing that women do not love a man or measure a man depending on the size of his penis.

One of the most common complaints the male of the species have is that the size of their penis is small. Hence all sorts of herbal, non herbal, creams, sprays, capsules, tablets, medicines and other sins sell in the market all the time, throughout history, all over the world because the ‘P-cock’ syndrome is a global phenomena. There is not a single internet user who has not come across an email in the inbox touting medicines that are sold for sexual zest.

Only this is REALLY small sized penis



This condition is extremely, extremely, extremely rare and detected at birth or infancy.


Micropenis is an unusually small penis . A common criterion is a dorsal (measured on top) erect penile length of at least 2.5 standard deviations smaller than the mean human penis size , [ 1 ] or smaller than about 7cm (2inches) for an adult when compared to an average erection of 12.5cm (5 inches). [ 2 ]

The condition is usually recognized shortly after birth .
Micropenis occurs in about 0.6% of males. [ 2 ]

Who says sex does not sell?

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Last updated February 2014

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12 thoughts on “The Peacock Syndrome – penis size matters”

  1. The Times Of India by Jug Suraiya 26 November 2013

    Below is an article that appeared on the editorial page of The Times Of India where Jug Suraiya in a humorous vein calls “P Cock syndrome” with another label MLTY (Mine Is Longer Than Yours). MLTY is present in genes of ONLY Indian men so goes his funny narration.

    Are Indian men sex-mad? Do they have uncontrollable libidos which compel them to make unwanted and unwarranted sexual advances towards women, even at the risk of having their own reputations and careers ruined?

    Such questions became central to a study conducted by a group of international scientists following media reports about a retired Supreme Court judge and the editor of a well-known publication who, in their own ways, had allegedly behaved in what can euphemistically be described as an ‘inappropriate manner’ with young women.

    That there is a lot of what presumably is consensual sex in India is evidenced by the country population of 1.2 billion, and counting. With so much of what might be called voluntary sex doing the rounds, why are there so many sexcapades – ranging from rape to stalking and other forms of harassment – in which women are the involuntary targets?

    What made the matter even more puzzling for the team of scientists was that it was only Indian men who seemed to have hyperactive libidos. Indian women seemed perfectly normal in this respect, cases of males being sexually assaulted by females belonging to the man-bites-dog category.

    The baffled scientists finally turned to genetics to find the key to the mystery. And it was deep inside the genetic structure of Indian males, encoded in their DNA, that they found the answer to their question.

    It had long been known to medical science that all Indians have a genetic bias towards cardiovascular disorders and diabetes. Similarly, the scientists discovered a genetic aberration in the chromosome of Indian males which predisposed them to uncontrollable sexual urges.

    The scientists named this genetic anomaly – which was not present in the chromosome of Indian females – MILTY and related it to another behavioural trait common to almost all Indian males but not to Indian females: the compulsion to do what in the vernacular is known as No. 1 in public.

    Experiments conducted under laboratory conditions had shown that, given a choice, seven out of ten Indian males would choose peeing in public rather than in a conveniently situated, free-of-charge, hygienic loo. It is not that they want to pee in public, any more than any of the male sex offenders want to be sex offenders. It is just that they are genetically programmed to do so, once again thanks to the MILTY factor.

    At a press conference in New Delhi which witnessed a record turnout, the leader of the team of scientists hinted that there had been talk of the researchers being awarded a Nobel Prize for their discovery, though it wasn’t quite clear whether it was to be the Nobel Prize for Medicine or the Nobel Prize for Peace, for having pinpointed a major cause of gender conflict in the subcontinent.

    When asked to do so by a correspondent, the head scientist obligingly spelt out the mysterious MILTY which is at the root of the Indian male’s full-frontal sexual exhibitionism: Mine Is Longer Than Yours.

    Source AcknowledgementThe Times Of India Editorial 26 November 2013 Jug Suraiya
    The Times Of India

  2. I blog often and I genuinely appreciate your information. Your article has truly peaked my interest.
    I will book mark your blog and keep checking for new details about
    once a week. I opted in for your Feed as well.

  3. I’m impressed, I have to admit. Rarely do I encounter a blog that’s equally educative and entertaining,
    and without a doubt, you’ve hit the nail on the head. The issue is something that too few folks are speaking intelligently about. I’m
    very happy I came across this in my hunt for something relating to this.

    This is a good question- How to satisfy woman sexually? Believe me having bigger penis does not give woman more sexual pleasure.

    It is a myth that bigger penis or doing sex many times in one night or lasting long time gives woman great pleasure. A myth validated by porn movies.

    Woman thirsts for love. Love and romance drive her crazy. Focus on how to express love. Men do not know this instinctively. Their mind is programmed for penis centered pleasure giving and recieving, which is erroneous.

    During sex remember it is foreplay that matters most to woman. More detail tips are given at You can write to me asking for the details and I would be glad to elaborate the Art of Making Love whereby you give ecstatic satisfaction to woman. Similarly there is great amount of things a woman must know if she wants to thoroughly satisfy her male partner. Contact me through

  5. “I want to know tips on giving ULTIMATE satisfaction to a girl/woman.”But
    I also want to know about the medicines name to increase my penis size. because i really want to do so.
    Hoping for fast reply

  6. Please read the entire post.
    keywords: cock, hard on, increase penis size, female arousal, female orgasm

    Just as a peacock struts and flaunts its feathers believing that will impress the female, so too, male homo sapiens (all men) are obsessively concerned about matters related to penis.
    In other words, men are PENIS centric.
    More long, more stiff, immediate erection, hardon that lasts for long time, getting erection again immediately after sex are all matters ‘men’ think are important and crucial to be able to satisfy female.

    The above picture shows the pea hen is indifferent to the peacock flaunting his plumage. She goes on pecking.

    The picture is to STRONGLY emphasis that size of penis does not matter for giving her sexual pleasure. If you believe the size of your penis is small, still you can give TOTAL sexual satisfaction to female. Do you want to know the secret of giving a women maximum sexual pleasure? What women want from men? Tips on female satisfaction and eroticism are available.

    Just type in the comment box,
    “I want to know tips on giving ULTIMATE satisfaction to a girl/woman.”

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